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Life and Living amongst the Bed Bug Community

Bed bugs are back. Do you know how to fight back? We want you to have restful nights free of the chinche. We don't have a choice. They are not gone.

The time you are at greatest risk for encountering bed bugs; while traveling. Regardless of your room accommodations, no matter the star level, it is a good precaution to check your room.
How to inspect a room for bed bugs.

Why are bed bugs back?
Bed bugs have enjoyed a resurgence worldwide over the last two decades, as the use of more harsh pestides was curbed for environmental reasons (DDT, Chlordane, & Lindane particularly). The lack of suitable, environmentally friendly pesticides, increases in international travel, and local geographic factors have allowed the bed bug population world wide to explode. Based on the sheer numbers in the population, the liklihood you will contact bed bugs in your life is fairly high.

With a 30 year vacation from Bed bugs, the public is not as savvy as they once were. Bed bugs are not as big a deal as the unitiated, unbitten, will first assume. We recognise that you are here because you want answers regarding the bugs that just interrupted your nights sleep. You might be having a reaction to the bite, and it may itch terribly. Please relax, understand you got nothing more than the medical equivolent of a mosquito bite, and you are allergic to them. There are concerns, but they are not life threatening in any way.
Bed Bug Medical Bite Discussion.

Generally, a bed bug bite is just a nuisance, not life threatening. Since we don't appreciate being breakfast for another, we just move on to killing the little vermin. Making sure Bed Bugs Don't Come Home With You!
The first step to avoiding the big cleaning bill for Bed Bugs is to isolate their travels.
How to kill bed bugs in carry on luggage.
How to kill bed bugs in clothing, laundry, sheets, and washable cotton items.
How to kill bed bugs on PVC, rubbers, plastics, and similar non porous materials.

Should the bed bugs make the trip, it is probably time to call in the professionals to fix your home, apartment, or office.
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Don't feel bad, the Waldorf Astoria got hit too. (see video below). However, this doesn't mean that you can ignore the problem. There are currently 3 lawsuits against the Waldorf Astoria hotel for negligence regarding the infestation.

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